River Road Imports is wholesale supplier of elegant, coloured dinner candles to retailers and businesses Australia-wide.

Always found in the most elegant interiors, dinner candles are both beautiful and practical. They are an essential visual element for any table décor, whether it be for your home, restaurant or formal event.

There is nothing like beautiful dinner candles to enhance your space, and create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere at the table. 

You can match coloured candles to your home with precision and flair using our impressive range of subtly different hues. The wide range of colours we have carefully created are elegant, on trend, and unique to River Road Imports. You will not find these anywhere else.

Our colours will effortlessly compliment any décor, whether it is joyfully eclectic, soothingly minimalist, or somewhere in between.

Our collection is unscented, so as not to interfere with the flavours and aromas of your meal. The candles burn cleanly, evenly and are drip free.

If you would like to sell our range, please contact us or create a wholesale account.